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Mining Intelligence Research

Mining Intelligence Research grants you 30-day access to our Core Data Module comprised of basic data on over 14,000 companies and 35,000 properties in the database. Get unlimited downloads of our Core Data, with up to 1,000 companies or properties in a single Excel document.

Company Data

Core Company Data includes head office information, commodity and asset type exposure, properties owned, as well as market and financial data. View the data on an individual company basis, with the ability to download the company profile as a PDF, or in a comparative analysis alongside other companies.

Property Data

Core Property Data includes an overview of a property, including commodity exposure, operation type, geographic location, and development status, as well as the ownership structure, production, and reserves and resources of the property. As with our Company Data, our Property Data can be viewed on an individual basis, including the source documentation, or in a comparative analysis alongside other properties.

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  • 30-Day Access includes:

  • Core Data with unlimited downloads

  • Up to 1000 companies or properties per Excel download

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Data Visualization

See comprehensive data, such as Reserves and Resources, in easy to read, downloadable data visualizations.

Comparative Analysis

Easily compare Core Data from multiple companies and properties across one table, or download it in an Excel document and manipulate the data further.

PDF and Excel Download

Download a variety of data, such as Company Overviews and Reserves and Resources charts in PDF format. Data such as comparative tables can be downloaded as Excel documents.